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    Our doors, ears and break room are always open (or at least Monday-Friday, from 9am-5pm).

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    Icumsa 45 – Sugar

    Original price was: €650.00.Current price is: €410.00.

    icumsa 45 sugar is at the center of our daily sugar intake. We sell icumsa-45 sugar (cane sugar – Brazil origin), icumsa-45 (beets sugar – Romanian origin) and other sugar types directly from major icumsa 45 sugar producers.

    Price = 1,000 Kg


    Our icumsa 45 sugar is imported or exported directly from sugar mills and refineries throughout the world. Romania is a vital exporter of icumsa 45 and our strategic location gives us the advantage to monitor the loading and logistic process.? Our collaboration with many top level refineries gives us the possibility to compare prices and offer you our best deals.

    We export a wide range of sugar types from your daily white icumsa 45 sugar to a variety of raw sugars for industrial uses.


    Origin: Brazil / Romania
    Product: SUGAR ICUMSA 45
    POLARITY: at 20ºC: 99.80º Minimum
    SULPHATED ASH CONTENT: 0.04% Maximum by Weight
    MOISTURE: 0.04% Maximum by Weight
    SOLUBILITY: 100% Dry & free flowing
    GRANULOMETRY: Fine Standard
    ICUMSA: Colour 45 ICUMSA attenuation index Units (Method #10-1978) Maximum AS: 1 P.P.M.
    COLOUR: Brilliant White
    REDUCING SUGAR: 0.010% Maximum in Dry Mass
    RADIATION: Normal w/o presence of cesium or iodine SO2: mg/kg 20
    HEAVY METALS, TOXIC ELEMENTS Maximum mg / kg basis
    ARSENIC 0.50   CADMIUM 0.05   COPPER 1.00
    LEAD 1.00   MERCURY 0.01   ZINC 3.00
    PESTICIDE TRACES Maximum mg / kg basis
    PATHOGENIC BACTERIA including SALMONELLA per 25 gram:  Nil.
    Bacillus per gram: Nil
    Crop year: most current available

    We ship sugar in bulk container loads and in private labeled bags, shipping loads range from a single container to break-bulk cargo lots.

    Prices depend on the country of origin and the raw material used in the production process.

    The indicated price is for icumsa-45 (Cane Sugar) from Brazil.

    The price for icumsa-45 sugar (sugar beets) from Romania is 580 Euros / MT.

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